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The Barakat Gallery Hong Kong

The newest member of the Barakat Gallery is now open.

Located in the world famous antique district, on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, Barakat Gallery Hong Kong neighbors with the historical Man Mo Temple, Liang Yi Museum and a wide array of Chinese antique shops.

Pakistan Art Review (PAR) is the first magazine on art in Pakistan online. We provide extensive information on art and artists in Pakistan.

We also address Pakistanis settled in foreign countries as well as the foreign audience who are interested in paintings and other forms of visual art from Pakistan.

By Jim Fannin The Saga Of Sadequain

The SAGA OF SADEQUAIN is a limited edition two-volume book of over 800 pages with more than 500 images and is priced at Rs. 21,500.

Volume I Biography

Based upon statements of facts about Sadequain's life and work and a window to his private self. It explores his life from childhood, through the adolescence years, his emergence as a young artist and then his meteoric rise to stardom, tracing his journey through the maze of trials and tribulations until the final episode under the monumental ceiling mural at the Frere Hall. The source material of this volume is based on personal experiences, family stories, newspaper and magazine articles, interviews with artists, writers, art historians and critics. Most importantly, it has obtained facts from five of Sadequain's own manuscripts detailing his early life, views on Indian Art, travel log, letters, and the prologue of his book of rubaiyyat.

Volume II Galerie

Showcases many collections of Sadequain's work that has mostly remained unknown to the world so far, and allows the reader to glance at a sample of the most extraordinary pieces of artwork produced by the artist over his lifetime.These intriguing and innovative works crossed the traditional and predefined boundaries of artistic forms, norms, subjects, objects, shades, dimensions, and every other confinement that he deemed as an obstruction. In the process, he produced magnificent artworks that are rich in content, diverse in nature, grand in scale, and large in numbers.

Salman Ahmad Ph. D., the author of the book is Sadequain’s nephew. He founded the SADEQUAIN Foundation in June 2007 in the USA to catalogue and promote Sadequain’s work. He has authored 8 books on Sadequain and curated more than a dozen exhibitions of Sadequain’s work in the USA and Canada.

The SADEQUAIN Foundation USA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to discover, preserve, and promote the art of Sadequain.