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The newest member of the Barakat Gallery is now open.

Located in the world famous antique district, on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, Barakat Gallery Hong Kong neighbors with the historical Man Mo Temple, Liang Yi Museum and a wide array of Chinese antique shops.

Pakistan Art Review (PAR) is the first magazine on art in Pakistan online. We provide extensive information on art and artists in Pakistan.

We also address Pakistanis settled in foreign countries as well as the foreign audience who are interested in paintings and other forms of visual art from Pakistan.

By Jim Fannin The Pebble in the Shoe

Book Review Pakistan Art Review

Jim Fannin is an amazing person. As a sports performance coach, he is considered the best in the world. Jim has privately coached hundreds of professional athletes for 10 sports, including 25 major league baseball All-Stars, an Olympic gold medalist, 7 of the world's top 10 ranked professional tennis players and 10 golfers to win their first professional tournament.

In addition, Jim has personally trained tens of thousands of corporate executives and hundreds of companies from 50 industries in peak performance. From leadership teams to sales organizations, Jim's thought management systems have made an impact.

The first time I met Jim, he said this: "When I speak, I tell people this: 'I can't make you a champion, but I can teach you how to think like one.'"

And that's what I love about this book. Not only do the principles work in sports and business, they work in life for anyone wanting to reach their full potential.

In a nutshell, this is a book about what is holding us back to be the best we can be. And more importantly, not only does Jim help you to understand the problem; he offers you the 5 simple, but powerful, tools to correct it.

Today, I'd like to share a brief excerpt from The Pebble in the Shoe...5 Steps to a

Simple and Confident Life, by Jim Fannin. Enjoy!

“There is one thing for sure in your life. Twelve months from now you will either be better or worse. You won't be the same. Will it be a roller-coaster ride to what you want, will it be two steps forward and one step back, or will you just go straight to your goals and visions? What's holding you back from business success, marital bliss or parenting nirvana? More than likely it's under the radar or below the surface of what you think. Maybe, it's like a pebble in your shoe that's irritating, uncomfortable, nagging and eventually crippling.

The average person has 2,000 to 3,000 thought per day.

On the days where life seems out of control and the "tail is wagging the dog," you may have 4,000 thoughts. Most thoughts are about the past. However, a great proportion of them are focused on the future. You cannot hold a future and a past-tense thought at the same time. It is one or the other. And a few thoughts are locked-in the moment. As you get older, present tense thinking diminishes. Throw in the cell phone, voicemails, e-mails, Tweets, Facebook, texts, FedEx, fax and world news in real time, it's no wonder present-tense living is dwindling.

Most pebbles originate from the past, with all of them negative. You can have experiences as far back as childhood that still tiptoe into your subconscious mind. They can even penetrate the consciousness of our daily actions. Over and over, we can play past tense thoughts that weigh negatively on our mind. They begin so innocently. Some are based on fact while other thoughts are based on assumption. Some are not true at all. Most are based on fear.

You have either positive or negative thoughts, but you can't think them at the same time. And the best news of all is you have free will to have any thought you choose. However, some negative thoughts can creep into your mind like a pebble in your shoe.”

Like a puppeteer, your thoughts pull the strings of all your actions.