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Pakistan Art Review (PAR) is the first magazine on art in Pakistan online. We provide extensive information on art and artists in Pakistan.

We also address Pakistanis settled in foreign countries as well as the foreign audience who are interested in paintings and other forms of visual art from Pakistan.

By Jim Fannin DEFINING MONENTS: Nusratji's art odyssey

The book "Nusratji's Art Odyssey" is a biography of her life and work and special achievements. The finer points are the detailed discussion on her art, its unique adaption from conventional to modern techniques and the embracing of impressionism and its sophisticated techniques.

Nusratji's work has been documented for the sake of study by the art students and for reference by established artists. It is also on Nusratrji's journey from an art students to an established artist with a special place of her own among artists in Pakistan and how she received support from her elders and colleagues at every stage of her long and arduous journey.

The book contains 248 pages with 236 images, in colour and 65 images in black and white. Images of her paintings are a comment in themselves on her passion to paint. They show intricate details and the vibrancy of colours and lines. They also show her skill to create three-dimensional effects on two dimensional surfaces. It's a must-see and a must-read for art students and artists interested in studying art technique, style, approach and composition, play with colours and movements of the knife.

It has been published by Pakistan Art Institute, a well known name for various art events, education, art shows, guidance to art students, and supervision of art work . Pakistan Art Institute is a nonprofits' art and educational organization committed to the promotion of art and artists for the last fifty years and continues to provide useful links between art and artists. ‘Defining Moments” is the Institute’s first publication. It is meticulously designed under the guidance of renowned artist Affab Zafar who has given his best. Designing of pages is admirable. Aftab Zafar has maintained balanced between the images and text. To break the monotony of colour pages, he has inserted single and sepia colour drawings at intervals.

The Author Mosin S. Jaffri is well known senior Journalist, artist, poet and author of five books on various topics , presently working for a Daily Newspaper. He resettled in Karachi after staying in the UK, the USA and Saudi Arabia for 35 years. He is also an author and research scholar and translator of many literary works. His educational background, work experience and time spent in the UK and his personal liberal attitude have helped him develop a wide perspective, deep insight and independent view of life that transcends the boundaries of social, religious or traditional boundaries. He has written extensively on economic, social and cultural issues and authored three books: ‘The Other Half: Discrimination against Women’, Sang-e Giran Aur’, a collection of Urdu poems and ‘Time and Love’, a collection of English poetry. In Defining Moments, Jafri writes, “This biography aims to provide insight into nearly all aspects of Nusratji’s life, especially her art and its variations which confirm her as a highly talented and accomplished artist. The main focus of this publication is her journey into art, culture and related activities. Some of her other interests, including floral art, interior design, horticulture and in teaching art at various levels have also been discussed. The book deals with Nusratji’s early life, family background and her family’s support for her interest in art, her studies, school and college days and her move from Lahore to Karachi and joining of an art education centre, which was a turning point in her life and her life as an accomplished artist in the years to come.