Mehran Misbah

A distinct characteristic of Islamic aesthetics derives from a deeply held intuition of cosmic equilibrium.  One visual manifestation of this attribute is the symmetry of geometric tessellations. My work grafts this design feature with contemporary and traditional narratives, disrupting their unity and at once preserving their numinous quality, while simultaneously providing an antinomy for contemplation.

Mehran Mesbah was born in 1980 and resides in Sacramento, California. Like many Iranians at the time, Mehran’s family left Tehran in 1978 seeking a better future in California. After studying abroad in Canada and France, Mehran received his B.A. in painting from Walla Walla University, and later, a M.A. in Studio Art from California State University, Sacramento where he now teaches drawing. (artclub),%20king%20of%20none.2012.mixed%20media.38x44.1200.jpg,%20queen%20of%20none.2012.mixed%20media.38x44.1200.jpg