Monday, September 29, 2014
Qamar Siddiqui

Talking Peace on Canvas

Qamar Siddiqui’s paintings are on display at Mussawir Art Gallery Dubai. This time he has focused his work on ‘peace’. He believes that peace is one of the basic necessities of life. It is an important element for the survival of human kind. It is needed more in the present chaotic, terror ridden society today. Peace presupposes care for others and deliverance of one’s responsibilities towards society and human kind. Individuals, society, nation, and the whole world need peace. Siddiqui also propounds coexistence. For coexistence also peace becomes an essential element.

Siddiqui portrays on canvas his concept of peace in his signature style. He uses figures and object and even colours as symbols to advocate his philosophy. His paintings are based on literary thoughts with a motive to infuse the spirit of positive thinking among the viewers. The viewer finds objects like feathers, apple, key, clock, chess board, threads, etc. on his canvases.

He inherited a world of rich, vibrant art and artistic expression from his parents. At an early age, he began to show his artistic bent of mind through sheer intensity of ample creativity. Preceding his early education in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, he started his art education in 1994, from Karachi School of Arts. So passionate was his dedication that he obtained positions two times in his exams all over Sindh. During his art education itself, he started exhibiting his work in Pakistan.

After his art education, he has been exhibiting his art through leading art galleries in Pakistan and abroad, in solo as well as in group shows. He has been working for a worthy cause such as humanity whilst trying to create a sense of positivity in people. Apart from painting a rich kaleidoscope of images on various universal themes, he is endowed with creative writing skills on philosophy of life. He has conducted intense research on spirituality. After years of understanding spirituality, he has applied the fruits of his research to build bridges of understanding between different cultures and religions. This, he portrays through his paintings and written philosophical literature.

His work is filled with a repertoire of paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy. One finds in his work a very clear focus and a continuing dialogue of artistic expression on universal topics such as “Birth is not a Coincidence”, “Presence of The Supreme Creator”, and “Life and Life after Death”, “Status of Women”, “Respect for Women”, and “The Importance of Peace”.

Most recently his work on Peace was exhibited in Houston USA, along with the works of Sadequain; Pakistan’s most celebrated and worldwide acclaimed artist. For the establishment of peace in the whole world, Qamar will continue to hold exhibitions in different countries of the world.

Dictionary of Siddiqui’s symbols:
Feather: Symbol of knowledge.
Apple: Symbol of life; apple being a fruit of beauty and strength can be used within a certain time-frame, after which it becomes useless. A human life is also like an apple.
Key: Symbol of acquiring hidden treasure of knowledge; also used as a symbol of a solution to a problem.
Clock: Symbol of time
Chess board: Symbol to denote life and its struggles. (Black and white chess board depicts that life is normal. Red and black chess board depicts lust for life.  Golden and black chess board depicts the thirst for money).
Bubble: Symbol of sensitivity as well as thoughts, moods, relationships, and feelings.
Thread: Symbol of commitment. The thickness of the thread denotes the strength of the relationship.
Siddiqui’s dictionary of colours:
White: purity.
Red: desires and lust.
Blue: spirituality.
Black: darkness and negativity.
Grey: human forms. (Siddiqui makes grey color using black, white and brown. White is for purity, black is for darkness and negativity, and brown is for an earthy mud color as human kind is a combination of all these three elements.
Golden: wealth (knowledge or money).
Yellow: friendly feelings.